JustFab_logo1-300x151JustFab is one of my favorite companies that I have ever ordered from. Just incase you’ve never heard of it, it’s a semi-subscription website that offers shoes, handbags, accessories, and now a few clothing pieces; primarily denim. Every thing is $39.95 + free shipping and upon signing up you get an amazing discount. Sometimes you can get two for the price of one, certain products under $20, or 20% off. It all depends on the promotion they are having at the time for new members.

When you sign up you take a ‘Fashion Personality Quiz,’ which asks you a series of questions with pictures on what shoes you like, the style of handbag you prefer, etc. Once you’re done with that you will have a boutique set up for you every month with styles picked based off the survey you took.

I’ve purchased 3 items from JustFab, a pair of shoes and 2 handbags. I purchased the handbags nearly a year ago and the shoes over the summer. Upon my first purchase I ended up inadvertently becoming a VIP member and if you do not skip a month the $39.95 will be credited to your account. If this happens to you, you can skip the month if you’re not interested between the 1st and the 7th.

Read more for my review on the products I’ve purchased.

The shoes that I purchased are called the Lorient in black. It also came in a nude color with a gold strap across the toes. I bought these because 1. I had forgot to skip a month and 2. I really did not need another handbag so I decided to give the shoes a try. I like the look of the ‘basic sandal’ which is why I chose the shoe that I did. The shoe came in a  very sturdy box, but I knew that because it did not have a platform it wouldn’t be the most comfortable.

Here’s a close up on the texture of the shoe along with the elasticity option which I will talk about in a second.

I’m a size 10 and I do not have an arch and this shoe is made for someone who does. Regardless my feet are not spilling out the sides of the shoe (ew) so that’s not a problem. The heel inches 4 1/2 inches and being that there is no platform the comfort is very little. These are the kind of shoes you have to break in. I was worried about the ankle part not fitting after reading and watching reviews on YouTube, but it’s the kind of shoe that molds to your foot. After some breaking in, as with any shoe, it’s a great fit. I would definitely recommend buying it in your actual size and if it does not fit to return it (for FREE). It’s better to get shoes in your actual size just to be on the safe side.

Next up was my first purchase and a REAL deal being that I got this handbag on sale. It’s called the Savant and I purchased the blue and orange bags for just $39.95. I really need to get the black one of this style just because this bag is PERFECTION! I’ve never had a purse that I’ve gravitated to as much as this one. Here’s a look at the good stuff:

What I love about this bag aside from the size is the adjustable and detachable strap along with all the compartments inside. This bag has detachable bag on the inside that can fit my iPad, which is what I primarily use it to hold along with a HUGE pocket which can fit my lip balms, phone, charger, and MORE! I’ve never had a purse with a pocket as deep as that one. The detachable bag and the bag itself both have zipper closures.

The quality of this bag is AMAZING! I really have to get it in black because the colors chosen are staples in any wardrobe. You can never have too many black bags, in my opinion. The orange  and the cobalt blue are year round colors and although it might seem trendy they’re colors that are so prominent they’ll never go out of style.

If you have NEVER purchased from JustFab I recommend that you do. Every item is $39.95 and like I stated above when you sign up you get some type of discount and if you’re already a member there’s discounts all the time; especially when it’s change of season. The quality is amazing and the shipping is free and being that I’m on the East Coast and this company is on the West Coast it seemed like it took no time to get here.

Have you ever ordered from JustFab? If so, please share your thoughts!

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