Wellness Wednesday (V.5): My Impromptu Workout

This week has been great because I’ve been able to have time on my hands to create new content for the blog that I’m excited to share and have been sharing. Thanks for all the feedback. There’s just been one big icy, messy, problem: SNOW! I have been in and out of work due to the weather and although I’m happy to have some time to myself, I’m TIRED of shoveling snow.

The first storm hit Monday morning. Literally hours after the Super Bowl ended and the stadium was clear, hear came storm MAXIMUS! That left about 6 inches or so and I had to shovel that. The snow was light, but between cleaning off two cars, shoveling a drive way & sidewalk, cleaning my porch and laying out ice, I was TIRED.  Mind you there’s stills snow on the ground from a storm that happened nearly two weeks ago.

If that wasn’t enough not even two days later we’re hit with NIKA! This storm on top of the snow that’s already on the grown came with ICE making the snow heavy and harder to shovel. Plus the people that plow my street plowed alright and I went out this morning with about 6 inches of snow blocking my driveway. So it was the process just like Monday except this took way longer because of the weight of the snow.

I don’t mind shoveling and getting a snowblower is on my to-do list, but for now its the traditional shovel and brush for my car. Here are my tips for shoveling snow.

  • Bundle up (the snow is wet if you’re wet and go in and out you get sick). I usually have on leggings, sweatpants, a long sleeve shirt and a hoodie, and THEN I put on my coat, scarf and gloves being sure my neck and back are covered for when the snow randomly falls from trees.
  • Wear boots that do not go past your calf. Wearing other boots might be contracting when you have to bend to pick up the snow. I wear my Timbs with two pairs of socks and I’m just fine.
  • Shovel the snow as soon as it hits the ground. Yes, I know it might be a waste if more snow is coming down, but it’s better to do it while its freshly fallen this way it’s softer and easier to pick up. Also it’d be easier to pick up 3 inches here and 3 inches there then to pick it up all at once.
  • SHOVEL THE SNOW BENDING YOUR KNEES! You don’t want to hurt your back or cause a strain on your chest. Also all that shoveling can lead to heart attacks so BE CAREFUL!
  • Stay hydrated. It can be tiring moving snow and I know that I am always thirsty. Don’t feel like you can’t take break. If that means you have to go in and out a couple times then so be it.

Those are my personal tips on shoveling snow. For more of an ‘expert’ opinion click here.

Surprisingly I’m not sore from shoveling snow, but I’m so over it. It was a good workout and I got plenty of arm and cardio work in over the last couple days. One upside to the snow is the beautiful sight outside. It’s gorgeous.

There’s supposed to be ANOTHER storm hitting this weekend between Saturday-Monday. The reports are saying anywhere from 3-30+ inches. Yeah, I’m looking forward to none at all, but I’d rather have 3 then any more than that.

ALSO if you are traveling in snow be sure to have some essentials in your trunk just in case: water, flashlight, blanket, brush/shovel (for snow), kitty litter [Heres a great list here]. Kitty litter is GREAT for traction if you get stuck. It’s better to use that and additionally shovel snow (if that’s what you’re stuck in) than to press the gas and burn the rubber on your tires. I know this from experience after getting caught in the mud n my backyard. Having a blanket and water and maybe a snack or something is good. You never know what could happen and with all the snow, ice, salt, etc. on the roads it messes up your car. You don’t expect it to happen, but it’s better to expect the unexpected and be prepared.

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