Sunday Rant (V.5): Super Bowl BLOWOUT

So I decided to wait and do my rant until the Super Bowl was OFFICIALLY over. First off congrats are in order. The Seattle Seahawks defeated the Denver Broncos and are the CHAMPS OF THE WORLD (really not really). Let’s get to the matter at hand. Living in Jersey I did expect it to be cold, but it was actually nice out considering we’re under a Winter Storm Watch for two storms Maximus and Nikita.

Anywho, the weather was perfect for both teams being that they play in colder regions. I was expecting a great game, a fight to the finish, but I got NONE of that. I personally did not care who won, but I wanted to see a great game overall. Within the first minute or so the Seahawks ended up with a Safety and it took me back to the season opener with the Steelers. I was hoping that those minor 2 points wouldn’t throw off the Broncos but it seemed that it did.

Well it all boils down to that final score: 42-8. The Broncos didn’t really stand a chance after not scoring in the first half which they desperately needed. I know a lot of the fault will be thrown on Peyton because he’s the one that THROWS the ball, but it’s a team effort and if the coverage of the person holding the ball is not there then expect him to throw picks. It was a GREAT season for the Broncos and whether they were to win or lose this game I wish that the game would have been better.

The Seahawks were the underdogs coming into this one and a lot of people bet money on the Broncos. One A-List celebrity in particular, Floyd Mayweather, bet 10.4 million dollars. That must not even be a dent in his pocket. Not even sorry for his loss. MOVING ON, not making excuses for why the Broncos didn’t play how they did during the season so congrats to the Seahawks on their win.

Check out my halftime review here.

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