Video Review: Shakira x Rihanna, ‘Can’t Remember To Forget You’

This song was one that was a little iffy for me at first, but over time it has grown on me although it is not played over the radio as much as I thought it would be. This video to me doesn’t really have a story line being that there’s no guy in the video. The beauty of Shakira and Rihanna in this video shows that they really compliment each other. I went and looked at the collab, ‘Beautiful Liar,’ between Shakira and Beyonce because I did recognize some similarities, but the videos are completely different. The belly dancing scenes which goes into the mirror imaging. I absolutely love the fashion and Shakira playing the drums AND the guitar in the lace body suit, or whatever that was, she just amazes me every time. Her voice over any beat just works. Her self-titled album, ‘Shakira,’ will be her 10th studio album and will hit stores 3.25.14. Expect a review!

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