FASHION FORWARD FRIDAY [V.4] — Sammy Dress Review



I had been hearing mixed reviews on Sammy Dress all over YouTube and after watching numerous Sammy Dress hauls from on of my favs, RavenEylse, I decided to go browse the site and see if there was anything I wanted to buy. First off I was looking to see if I could score any shoes being how inexpensive they were, BUT there were none in a size 10 and I was not about to take a chance and buy something a size too small so I was bummed about that. I did end up finding two things that caught my eye. Quick disclaimer: I do not own any of the rights to the pictures from SammyDress.Com. Only pictures with MMF2014 are my own.

Read more for my official review.

First thing that caught my eye was this bag called, Fashion and Laconic Solid Colored Bag for Women. The bag was just one that I was looking for and in that brownish mustard color. The site calls it deep yellow. At the time I purchased it was available in a reddish color, but not anymore. I knew it’d be perfect for work and from what it looked like on the model it seemed a bit bigger than the bag I received. Here’s the image from the site:



When I first received it as I mentioned I was expecting the bag to be bigger, but the bag held a lot of what I needed it to with plenty of space left. The bag has two compartments and a small back zipper which held my phone. The strap ended up breaking, but I could still tote the bag in a briefcase type style. Due to the strap breaking I haven’t worn it in a while.  won’t say that it’s bad quality. The lining is very thin, more of a mesh material, but with all the items I had weighing down the bag it was only a matter of time for something to break. I’m glad it was the strap instead of the clasps to keep the bag closed. I was able to fit my iPad (3rd Generation), my carry all bag, my phone, a bottle of water, and other random things and yes they fit in my bag daily. The bag is only $10.80 so I can’t complain.

Next up were make-up brushes. After seeing the shipping cost I thought I’d get more for my buck adding another item. I’m a sucker for trying out makeup brushes, but cheap imitation ones. Bad habit and I never seem to get good quality. I ordered a set from eBay previously and those were horrible. I really thought this site would be different after reading the reviews, BUT I was fooled once again. The set is called, 16PCS Professional Cosmetic Tool Leather Bag With Full Range of Brushes. Here’s what the brushes looked like on the site (excuse how small the image is):


I have never used it to be completely honest because I don’t like the quality of them. One of them broke, the one I was really interested in trying out and it goes to show how poorly assembled the brushes were. It was my fault thinking I could score a quality brush set that I had never seen up close for $11.02.

My grand total came to $34.25 with shipping ($10.99) plus insurance ($1.99). The insurance cost was optional, I did it more for ‘precaution.’ It was probably a waste. My overall opinion of SamyDress is a good one. I got one good product and one bad one. It’s all about taking your time and browsing the site and really finding something you think you’d love before purchasing. Also I would recommend not basing your purchase off the reviews on the site, but checking the reviews on YouTube. Some are good some are bad it’s really about picking and choosing. For me if I were to purchase again I’d stick strictly to handbags and accessories.

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Thanks for reading and let me know if you’ve ever purchased from SammyDress!

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