Spicy Saturday (V.3) — My Home Management Binder + Filing System

I’ve been meaning to get back into my home management binder for a while. I’ve completely loss track of everything and it wasn’t updated from 2012. I just threw stuff in it, but it wasn’t functional. I also have a filing system that kept my school billing, bank statements, tax info, etc., but it was messy and unorganized as well. I decided to spend the day cleaning and getting it back to being functional. The filing system is complete, but I need to add a few things here and there to my home management binder. Here’s the before:

Read more to see how I transformed my system:

I first started out with my filing system because I knew it would take me more time and I needed to fix the tabs. The filing system I use was given to me by my grandmother years ago. I know she purchased it from a store called Amazing Savings and I used it throughout college to keep track of my important documents. Now that I’ve graduated I wanted and had to reorganize it. Here’s the after:

The tabs I used were Post-It Durable Filing Tabs that I’ve had in my stationary stash and they worked perfectly. I put the papers that I reach for most often in the front and the filing folders in the back hold more important documents being that the folders can hold more.

My home management binder is something that I have which is another type of filing system, but more recent. It holds all my pay stubs, list of what I’m spending, receipts, bills, etc. It also holds all the contact info and schedules for my town. Here’s the after:


I kept my tabs the same for the most part. The only other section I have that’s not visual is ‘Other.’ I used the same Post-It Durable Filing Tabs that I used for my filing system. The first sheet I have is a Dates to Remember sheet that I found on DIY Home Sweet Home. I use this to just point out my monthly bill due dates for the most part. Not sure if I’ll be keeping this sheet.


My favorite addition to my Home Management Binder is this paycheck to paycheck sheet I came across on Bonfires and Wine. To print just drag the picture to your desktop. Here’s the original versus my changes.

I changed the ‘Expected’ tab to ‘Date Paid’ and ‘Difference’ to ‘Balance.’ Being that I get paid bi-weekly I changed the last paycheck slot to Miscellaneous (Misc.) and put my babysitting money in that section being that it’s a part of my income. I also removed the ‘Saving’ line, but I left the ‘Leftover’ spot so that I could monitor if I have any left over from my checks.

My filing system is complete, but I my home management binder is a work in progress. Expect updates in the near future. As of right now it works and it’s functional.

BONUS — My Planner!

I purchased my planner from Target and it’s from the brand Blue Sky. I use my planner along with my home management binder. I know in this digital age people just use their phones to keep track of everything, but there’s nothing like a planner in my opinion. I use my planner to keep track of birthdays, meetings/appointments/events, pay days, billing due dates, etc. I personally do not prefer a planner of any other size than a 5″ x 8.5″. It’s the perfect size and I can take it everywhere with me.

Do you have a system? If so please share. Again mine is a work in progress so please stay tuned for updates.

4 thoughts on “Spicy Saturday (V.3) — My Home Management Binder + Filing System

    1. I tend to stray away from my planner at times, but I prefer to write things down than to store everything on my phone.

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