Fashion Forward Friday [V.3] — GoJane.Com Review


I am always looking on YouTube for reviews on certain websites especially from the self-proclaimed Beauty Gurus. I wanted to share my experience as far as shipping / quality of product / pricing on 3 companies over the next 3 weeks. This week I am doing I’ve had my items for quite some time and I feel I can give a thorough review for those who are interested in purchasing from the site. Quick disclaimer, this is my opinion of the item(s) that I purchased with my own money and my experience with the item(s).

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I first ordered from GoJane a couple years ago when the Jeffrey Campbell Lita’s were initially released and the ‘inspired’ designs were all over the stores. This pair that I bought is the faux suede edition of the inspired ‘Lita’ and I cannot express how much I love this shoe. The shoe on the site is called ‘Lace-Up Suede Platform’ and cost about $50 including shipping. The sizing I would recommend going a half size down. I am a size 10 and although the shoe fits when wearing tights it doesn’t feel as snug. The color did stain a tad over time, but the platform makes the shoe extremely comfortable. The texture of the shoe is not the softest. When squeezing the shoe it’s like a crinkly sound. The shoe overall is very well made and has been holding up for me for quite some time. I would purchase another pair of these, but in the faux leather finish. There are many different styles of the shoe available here.

The next two pairs of shoes I purchased at the same time. I love the style of Doc Martens, but I decided on a cheaper alternative. Now Doc Martens retail for $120+ depending on the style and finish you want. These shoes on retailed for $32 each. You spend over $50 on the site, you get free shipping. I decided on a cheaper alternative because Docs are trendy right now and I wanted to try at least a similar style out before investing my money. The shoes are called, ‘Full Combat Faux Leather Boots’ by the brand Glaze, and the style number is Rihanna-13.’ I purchased a pair in black and in burgundy. The black ones I tried on and the only thing that I was annoyed about was the flap int he back similar to that of the Doc Martens would not stay up and it still doesn’t. I unfortunately scuffed my shoes at work the first day I wore them. I was laying down playing with a child and when I got up scuff marks all on the toe of my shoe. I do think that with the style I’m leaning towards it adds character and doesn’t really throw the shoe off, but I’m still annoyed by how easily it scuffed. I have yet to wear the burgundy pair because I’m not sure how I want to style them. Overall I do not regret buying these shoes, but I still would like to invest in a pair of black Doc Martens as a staple in my wardrobe. Here’s the link to similar styles of the shoe. Not exact, but if you’re interested in the style here’s what the site has available.

Overall I do recommend buying from The shoes are very affordable and on trend. If you cannot afford or do not want to spend a lot of money on a trendy shoe this site is right for you. I do urge you to be careful with the faux leather shoes so that you do not scuff them as I did mine. In addition, the site offers accessories and clothing and you can always be sure to find a discount code.

I hope this was helpful! Stay tuned next week for my Sammy Dress review and the week after Just Fab.

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