First Impression #2: Stila Color Me Glossy

Beauty Review: Stila Color Me Glossy Set

Read more for my first impression & swatches.

I received this Stila set as a gift from my friend for Christmas. I had previously purchased a Stila lipgloss set and I absolutely HATED it. The consistency was extremely sticky and the color pay off was bland. In other words, there was none. It was extremely sheer. Since I got this as a gift I decided to give them another try. There were certain colors that were vibrant just from the packaging and I was hoping once applied the color would be the same, or somewhat similar. Before I get into the swatches, lets get into the pros & cons of this set:


  • Nice color pay off

  • They smell amazing


  • The gloss tends to bust out the sides of the applicator.

  • Very messy.

  • A pain to twist just to get the product.

Here’s the swatches:


My personal favs:

  • Persimmon

  • Dazzleberry

  • Kaleidoscope

When applying be sure to hold the lip gloss upward. This tends to help with having it spill off to the sides. Also after applying wipe off excess lip gloss from applicator before placing cap back on.

This set retails for $28 which averages to about $3 (+tax) per lipstick. It’s a nice set, but I personally would not purchase again (thankfully this was a gift). If you are one that loves lipgloss and do not mind a sticky consistency then go ahead and buy it. There’s better quality on the market, but this isn’t horrible. If you can get past the sticky consistency and the messy application/packaging then it’s fine. Try catching it on sale if anything.

Would you buy or deny?

4 thoughts on “First Impression #2: Stila Color Me Glossy

    1. Yeah that’s my biggest pet peeve with these. I was very surprised with the color pay off, but they’re not my go to lip glosses.

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