Wellness Wednesday (V.3): My Workout Playlist

I’ve been getting a little bit better with my consistency in working out. Key words ‘a little bit.’ As for my eating habits I can’t say much. I’ve been stuffing my face with junk and a lot of that has to do with boredom and being stuck in the house. After working all week I like to do absolutely nothing on the weekends, but just because it’s cold doesn’t mean I can’t be active.

As I talked about in Fitness Wednesday (Week 2), Glamour magazine had an excerpt in the February edition titled. Here’s the ‘5 Ways to Fool Yourself Into Exercising’:

  1. Tell yourself, ‘I only have to work out for 7 minutes.’
  2. Listen to your exercise playlist before exercising.
  3. Workout with someone who is 40% more fit than you are.
  4. Schedule it into your calendar.
  5. Stop debating the damn workout and just go.

As January winds down there’s only so much that I can say I accomplished so far this year. My plan as to working out in consistently in January is not on the list. Well I’m going to keep trying. It’s a process, not an overnight thing. I need to watch what I consume and stop making excuses as to why I can’t work out. These 5 tips are really helping especially #1. Seven minutes, just seven minutes.

Hopefully I’ll get better with time. No, I will get better with time. (Speak things into existence.)

Well, here’s my current workout playlist.


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