Nail Polish Collection (Jan. 2014)

Some girls collect makeup, some shoes, some handbags. As for me? I went through a nail polish overload phase. At one point I was buying at least 5-10 bottles a week. Well, this is my current collection and storage. I have downsized from what my collection was over a year ago. I had brand new bottles I never used and I gave some away to friends and donated nearly 50 to my church’s clothes closet. Enough rambling.

First off let’s start off with storage. I have seen so many variations on how to store nail polish from just throwing them in a basket, putting them on a shelf, a hanging organizer, decoratively on a tray or in a glass jar, and of course on a nail rack. It all depends on your collection size, but I always recommend storing your polishes upright. I use to store mine in boxes, but I wanted them in one central place. I had been thinking of getting a nail polish rack, BUT I came across a better idea! I was watching a nail polish collection video by MakeupByTiffanyD (3 years ago) and she showed that she used SnapWare Storage (her storage has since changed). So I hunted down the large size and I’ve had it ever since. My collection had grown to two sets of the large containers but I have since consolidated.


Next up was organizing my collection by brand. Many do it by color, but for me brand is easier. I have China Glaze, OPI, Sephora by OPI, Sally Hansen, Zoya, Essie, and MORE!


Next up are my top/base coats. As of right now I’m very low, but I absolutely love Orly‘s, ‘Nail Defense,’ and I need to restock. Now its just drug store basics such as Rimmel, Sinful Colors, and Wet n Wild.


Here’s each collection broken down:

Well there’s my collection. I’ll be doing more ‘What’s on My Nails’ posts soon as well as a nail polish tag which will give more in depth on the colors in my collection that I enjoy.

What’s in your nail polish collection? Your top brands / colors?

7 thoughts on “Nail Polish Collection (Jan. 2014)

  1. Great collection! How do you like the Butter London polishes? I was debating on eventually picking up some of their shades, but I am not sure. I have so many nail polishes I really should use what I have.

    1. I absolutely love the Butter London polishes. The color selection at my local Ulta isn’t all that great but if you can catch them on sale then go ahead and buy them. I got mine on sale for buy 2 get 1 free so 3 polishes for $28. For me the polish lasted a week to a week and a half.

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