Spicy Saturday (V.2) — Insta Target Beauty Haul

Spicy Saturday --- Insta Target Haul

I cannot count how many times I go in and out of Target a week. Depending on the area you live you may frequent Walmart more, but in my area there are about a 3 Targets within 25-30 minutes from my house that I frequent often.

I was on a mission this time being that I wanted to relax my hair. I knew I could have gotten the relaxer a bit cheaper else where, but there were other things I needed to pick up and I knew Target would half majority, if not all.

As I passed by the clearance makeup and stayed upon my mission I found a moisturizer I wanted to try out from Target’s brand, Up & Up. Yes, I know it might have been right next to Cetaphil, but my skin isn’t horrible, I just needed something for daily use, and it was cheaper by $3 ($6.99) then that of Cetaphil. I don’t like to splurge unless I know it works.

I moved on to the hair section and got my relaxer, heat tamer, and some hair spray. I haven’t had my hair relaxed in nearly 2 years, but to me hair is hair and if I want to go natural again, I’ll cut it off.

Lastly, I picked up some Irish Spring for my babe and an extra toothbrush that I like to keep in my travel bag in my car.

Welp, I spent less than $25 and got everything I needed without buying anything extra or stopping at the dollar section. In and out of Target in less than 30 minutes after work is a win for me!

3 thoughts on “Spicy Saturday (V.2) — Insta Target Beauty Haul

  1. I know what you mean with Target. I can never control myself at the dollar section I have to learn to just walk past it! I would love to know how you like the Up & Up moisturizer? I’m like you unless I absolutely have to I won’t pay more than what I need to for things.

    1. I will be doing a review on the Up & Up moisturizer review along with an Up & Up blackhead scrub I purchased in a few weeks. I want to use both daily before giving a thorough review. Thanks for the comments!

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