My Makeup Collection!


I store my makeup in the top drawer of my dresser in these two containers. The first one that is a 6 compartment holds my eyeshadows and the 3 compartment one holds all of my face products. I purchased both containers from Target for under $15. Let’s break down what each compartment holds starting with the 3 compartment.


Although I do not put on makeup every day I do LIVE by my Mac Studio Fix. My Mary Kay & Maybelline foundations were bought & gifted to test out. I’m still playing around with the Mary Kay ones, but the Maybelline one is not my personal fav. I also have a few blushes that I use every now and then and I wear mascara (along with lipstick) if not anything else. Moving on to the 6 compartment.


I’ve become a semi-eyeshadow hoarder with 99.9% of them being from either ELF or the drugstore. The only high end palette I have is Naked Basics. I’m still holding off on purchasing a $52 Naked Palette. If I were to splurge on one it would definitely be Naked 2. Keep scrolling for full details on my eyeshadows.

So there you have it. That’s my collection in a nutshell. If you had trouble reading what each product was just click & it’ll be enlarged. If you want any reviews on quality / lasting power of any of the products leave me a comment below. PLUS I’ll be doing a separate posts on products I regret buying. Why still in my collection if I regret? I try to justify & find other ways to use them. Hope you enjoyed! One last thing, what’s in your collection? Whether it’s big or small like mine, let me know.

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