FASHION FORWARD FRIDAY [V.2] — Closet Confidential (YouTube Tag)

I came across this YouTube tag from BeautyBaby44 and MissMeghanMakeup. It was created by YouTuber, Fleur DeForce. Although I do not make videos (I’m more of  a writer), I though the tag was a great idea and I wanted to post it here on FASHION FORWARD FRIDAY!!!!

Read more for my ‘Closet Confidential.’

1. What is your oldest item in your wardrobe / closet?


First off, EXCUSE the extreme wrinkles in this shirt. My mom bought me this red shirt Valentine’s day my junior year of high school (2008). I had black jeans with red trimming to go with it. I have given the jeans away, but the shirt keeps lingering throughout my wardrobe. I like to pair it with jeans / skirts from time to time. I just don’t wear it as much as I once did.

2. What is the newest item?


I purchased these beanies on NYE from H&M. They were a regular $12.95, but I got them $5. That’s $2.50 a hat, STEAL! It’s freezing here in Jersey so beanies have become a staple in my wardrobe.

3. What is the most expensive item?


My Louis Vuitton bag is by far the most expensive item in my wardrobe. It was my mothers and it was given to me. I know that she wore it all the time and I’m thankful to have such a classic piece in my closet.

4. What is the cheeps/most affordable item (that you wear/use a lot)?

I bought this shirt at one of the Forever 21s in NYC. I wore this to the Rihanna concert last March and ever since I have been wearing it with jeans, skirts, skirts, with a camisole underneath as a layering piece, and under cardigans. It was hard for me to take this picture, but the shirt has leatherette backing at the top and solid black on the front and see-through on the back. Absolutely love it and it’s been worn so much it’s developed a hole in it. I’m still going to wear it regardless.

5. What was the biggest bargain?

These shoes by far are one of my favorite pairs that I own. I saw these in H&M last October around my birthday and they were $59.95. I had received a gift card as a gift, but I refused to pay $60 for the shoes. A few of the items I had purchased with the gift card that I did not like I went to return. Upon the return I saw the shoes had been marked down, 50% off at that, to $29.95. BEST DEAL for me from H&M. Great quality and I LOVE the detail on the shoe.

6. What was your biggest waste of money?

Well, well, well another impulse buy. I wanted to buy a pair of shoes that had a pop of color and I was going to an all white party and bought these shoes for my outfit. I ended up never wearing them and they are sitting on my shoe shelf. I haven’t given them away because I keep justifying outfits to wear with them. One day, one day. as for now, they are a waste.

BONUS QUESTION: Show your three favorite items right now.


I tag ALL OF YOU to do this tag and let me know your answers to the questions!

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