Then & Now Thursday (V.1) — Aaliyah


It’s been nearly 13 years since Aaliyah’s tragic passing and today would have been her 35th birthday.

I remember growing up and listening to Aaliyah and her last album, Aaliyah, was one of the first CDs that my mom bought me from a music store, Coconuts. Following her death my mom bought me her compilation CD, I Care 4 U.

Her voice was so angelic and her smooth demeanor made her a trend setter before the phrase ‘trendy’ was even in. So many artists such as Rihanna and Ciara especially have followed in her footsteps whether it be through her dancing or her style.

Although her life was cut short she made an impact not only in music, but in film and in the lives of many. If she were here today I feel she would have had a prolific acting career being that at the time of her untimely passing she was on the road to stardom.


Rest in Peace Aaliyah (01.16.79 – 08.25.01)






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