Wellness Wednesday (V.2): Workout Apps

I have completely fallen off my ‘objectives’ for the last week from my eating habits to working out. I continuously pushed off working out for the next day to the next day to the next day. Now I’m at a point where I don’t feel determined at all. I’m not committed to it and it was just something that I was doing as a start of the new year. You know, the stereotypical reason people work out. Aside from wanting to be fit for the summer I want to just be healthier in general. I should not be winded walking up and down steps or playing with my nephew. I am far from obese, but I have never been so out of shape in my life. My body is nowhere to where I want it to be and I need to take another approach.

Read more for my new apps and tricks I plan to use to get me motivated.

Working out starts with baby steps and I came across an article in the February edition of Glamour and I came across 5 steps to getting on some type of workout schedule in the article, ‘5 Ways to Fool Yourself into Exercising.’

The first one was to just start working out for 7 minutes. That seemed manageable so I went on the hunt for apps that could help me with that. The two that I want to fix, let’s be honest, are my stomach and my butt. I also want to tone my legs and arms. Here’s what I found that could help me with all areas:


The first app can work for all areas of my body. It includes separate workouts for: legs, arms, butt, abs, and cardio. You can set it to a specific workout ranging from 5-10 minutes or a full workout that ranges from 10-30 minutes. Another great addition to this app is that each move has a video along with it.

Next up is the Johnson & Johnson workout app which happens to be my favorite. You do have to have Wi-Fi to download this one. Every workout mode has a warm-up option which is great for me because it helps to stretch out everything. There are two modes — ‘7 Minute Workout’ and ‘Smart Workout.’ This also features an option to set you fitness level along with motivation along with video tutorials on all the exercises.

The other 7 minute app is a little less extensive than the Johnson & Johnson app and is simply described as:

12 high intensity body weight exercises. 30 seconds per exercise, 10 seconds rest between exercises.

The last exercise is one I’m still experimenting with. It has 3 different levels and I’ll be able to give more on it once I really start using it.

I’m not sure if I will keep all of these apps, but I know for certain that the Johnson & Johnson 7 minute workout is a keeper. Be sure to stay tuned for my workout playlist.

What are your workout essentials / motivation to keep you going?

Until next week..

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