Motivational Monday (V.2) — Making Time For YOU!

I’m a little late with this weeks Motivational Monday, but I have been so exhausted. I have been up the past week editing the blog’s archive and my sleep pattern went completely off. I would fall asleep after 2am, rush to be to work by 9am and be cranky throughout the day due to lack of sleep. This isn’t the first time I’ve done this. I procrastinated my way through college, truthfully speaking. All-nighters were a weekly routine for me especially for big projects. I always told myself I worked better under pressure, but I guess that was just another excuse. I’m always off doing other things and never taking care of myself. I always overlook how important it is to take care of my body. I always push off taking vitamins for the next day, calling the doctor next week, waiting until the last minute to pay bills. I have honestly spent a lot of my money on nonsense. I have nothing to show for it. At 22 years old I want to take learn to become a better me in all aspects, mentally / physically / spiritually.

In trying to become a better ‘Me’ I have to become more conscious of everything I’m consuming, and I’m not just talking food. I want to consume things that will make me happy, challenge my brain, and most importantly boost my energy. Being that I commute to and from work daily it can be troublesome and by the time I get home I’m done and all I want to do is lay in bed, watch videos on YouTube and if I happen to fall asleep so be it. This leads to an irregular sleeping pattern and when I wake up after 1am from taking a ‘nap’ at 7:30pm I want to get up and get something to eat. I want to get up and do something. Then by the time I fall back asleep it’s too late and I’m literally fighting for sleep before I have to get up for work. To me and making time for myself I have to be on some type of schedule. I have to give my self an allotted time to watch the videos / TV shows I want to watch and still make time for my 8 hours of sleep and waking up early enough to make breakfast or have it already made and ready to go.

I’ve realized that I feel so much better with not just ample hours of sleep, but when I have everything ready for the next day with my purse having all my essentials, my lunch is packed, and my outfit laid out. It’s nothing worse than waking up late, having to fix lunch (or opt to buy fast food; money wasted), and digging through your closet for something to wear and hoping it matches.

It becomes a balancing act and trying to figure out your day with getting work done, but always finding time for yourself. Always finding time to take care of yourself whether it is pre-making lunches, checking in with the doctor annually, maintaining organization in your home, etc. Your surroundings affect your mood quickly and if you’re always in a rush and living in a mess that’s the energy you exert to others whether is purposely or inadvertently.

In essence it’s just about giving yourself time, JUST FOR YOU! Not thinking about work, kids, family, boyfriend/husband, mom/dad, sister/brother, friends, etc. It’s about making time for you. Put the phone down — that means get off the blogs, twitter, Facebook, & Instagram. Take a shower, relax, no technology at all. Just pick up a magazine, a newspaper, a book you’ve been meaning to read for months that’s collecting dust. Paint your nails, listen to that album you’ve been meaning to listen to, but never found the time. Get your mind right and just relax even if its for 5 minutes. Not everyone has the time to give themselves a lot of ‘me’ time. You have to though and make it a part of your daily life. It’s great to be there for others from whatever aspect, but you have to be 100% to do so. That ‘me’ time is the first step.

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