Spicy Saturday (V.1): Money Saving

I came across this chart and it’s a journey that I have began and intend to finish. Again the motto for the year (for me at least) is commitment. I’ve already put my dollar aside for the week.

There’s many different ways to save, this chart just happens to be a great example. You can save week by week, monthly or start backwards and by the last week you’d only be saving a dollar.

Think what you could do with the money. It could be for the last minute Christmas gifts, a vacation, house repairs, or my personal goal going into 2014 debt free. Sidebar, regardless of how much I save I won’t completely be debt free thanks to student loan, BUT it’s a step in the right direction.

Put some money to he side for that rainy day. I’ve had many of them where I’ve had to borrow from others. I no longer want to be of any inconvenience so I plan to save, save, save! For me it’s become a little bit better financially. For you it could be something different. Save whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. You’ll thank yourself later.

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