Then & Now Thursday : My Music Taste

My music taste has always been one filled with R&B ranging heavily in the 80s and early 90s. My mom grew up in the 80s and my step-dad loved his 70s music so that’s primarily what I heard as a child. I’ve always gravitated more to 80s music. As far as what I listen to now it’s varied a lot from what I grew up listening to.

I listened to a lot of Destiny’s Child and the first taste of hip hop craze I personally got into was 50 Cent. I never really chose what I listened to because my mom wouldn’t buy it. I remembering getting my first cassette which was Mariah Carey’s, Merry Christmas. I would run around the house listening to it. I wish I knew where it was, but I’ve since replaced it with a digital copy. I don’t remember the first CD I purchased.

I do know that I started to fall in love with more music of my time in the late 90s and that’s when I got more into ‘pop’ music with the boy bands and my older sisters personal favorite, Britney Spears. I still didn’t feel like I had my own taste in music. I just felt like I was listening to what everyone else was.

MTV videos in the morning while I was in 7th grade (2004) was where I fell in love with ‘rock’ music if that’s what it’s categorized as. I fell in love with Evanesence, No Doubt, My Chemical Romance, and my all time fav Maroon 5. By the time I hit my freshman year I was back to a more ‘modern’ R&B with Trey Songz and Chris Brown. They weren’t really traditional R&B, but the music was good.

By the time high school was over I was listening to just about everything. College was no different, but I was missing the music I had enjoyed so much during middle school and high school which was why I created, Music Moving Forward. The music wasn’t making sense, but it was catchy. Catchy music was what was selling, not so much a concept/message in the lyrics. I’ve grown as a person and my music taste has grown with me. I currently enjoy listening to my mix CDs. I still listen to the 80s music along with 90s, but I’m not so much of a hip hop fan and I never really was. Granted I’ve listened to it, but it’s never been my ultimate favorite genre. I’ve grown to love and listen to music from across the seas, especially the UK. Before I was listening just to listen.

Now I have a different ear and for me it’s about what’s in the song. It’s hard to love and relate to something you don’t understand. I don’t stop myself from listening to certain music based off what others might think. Just because I’m black doesn’t mean that I have to listen to Hip Hop religiously. Music has been defined by race and it shouldn’t be that way. If you don’t agree look at white rappers such as Eminem and Macklemore. People don’t expect them to do ale thing that is considered ‘black.’ Music should not be categorized beyond genre even though it is. Music is music to me.

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