Wellness Wednesday (V.1)

So I used to have a membership when I first started college which was back in the winter of 2010. I signed up with a friend and the membership was about $10 + tax a month. It was never a plan to go every day. It was always a plan to go 2 to 3 times a week, max! We stuck to that plan, fell off, and miraculously got back on. As time went on we stopped going all together and the memberships were cancelled.

Here I am in that same situation again where I have friends going to the gym and me wanting to have some motivation and seeking that in friends. Your friends can’t make you go to the gym. Your friends can’t make you do anything you don’t want to, period.

The biggest problem of going to the gym was being incredibly hungry afterwards. I would go grocery shopping after the gym or stop at Wendy’s with the theory, ‘I’ll work it off tomorrow.’ Well that didn’t work either.

I have become a comfort eater with all of my weight going to my stomach and it’s not healthy for me and prevents me from wearing certain clothes. I like to say I ‘like’ and ‘want’ for my clothes to be baggy/oversized and in some instances I do. If it’s a loose bottom then a fitted top; loose top, fitted bottom. It’s gotten to a point where I kept telling and keep telling myself it’ll happen. Don’t worry it’ll go away when it goes away just wear something bigger to hide it.

Well I’m really, REALLY trying to turn a new leaf here physically and mentally. I want to keep happy thoughts and keep myself busy. stress and boredom leads to one main problem for me: comfort eating. No I’m not obese, but I seek comfort in junk food and soda (Coca-Cola preferably).

I’m going to do 30 minutes of cardio if nothing else for 5 days out of the week, so Monday to Thursday and then next week I will begin to input strength training. Boy I hate how weak I am.

This week I’ll be breaking out my dance games and doing my 30 minutes of cardio, at least. I have to start somewhere.



Next step is my eating habits. Set plans don’t work for me such as the gym so I don’t see myself joining another one or something like ‘Weight Watchers’ to help with my eating.

I’ve recently done a post on ‘Commitment’ and I’m not going to sign up for either of those knowing I’m not in the mood or feel like making the time to do that.

So the plan? I feel I can stay committed being that I’ll be blogging every week about progress, recipes, new routine, etc. I’m just trying to stay consistent. The results aren’t going to come over night so patience is key.

Until next time …

3 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday (V.1)

    1. Yes a $10 a month membership. I absolutely loved the location especially that it had a private room for women. With my schedule at the time I just couldn’t keep it and was no since in me paying for something I didn’t use.

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