Grocery Shopping Woes


I went to get ‘lunch’ for the rest of the week last night and I was on a mission to get something healthy, but along the way I got sidetracked. Target is really not the best place for me to do my entire grocery shopping. Although it’s one of my favorite stores, I do need to visit my local grocery store / markets more. I ended up buying two Naked juices which were on sale for 2/$5. I got a 12 pack of Del Monte fruit cups to eat for breakfast and a snack. They were on sale as well for a little over $5. I also picked up a dozen of ‘Simply Balance’ eggs. I’ve never tried organic eggs before so I wanted to give them a try. For another snack I picked up Annie’s, Snack Mix, and for lunch I snagged some of the ‘processed’ dinners (the $2/each sale got me). I know that this isn’t the best grocery trip and future ones will get better. I just needed something other than lunch meat for the next 3 days. Don’t mind the candy on top of the strawberries. Darn the goodies at the register. Hope to have better luck next time.

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